The SGArts Physical makeover

i feel i have neglected this blog out of my groups so here i am with the most exciting development to date

yes whilst the blogs may alter as well; the SGOffice {heh you can add SG to anything} is having a physical make over too courtesy of some fancy screen printed wall paper and our award winning hanger sandy (not really award winning but meticulously perfectionsty none the less so the job gets done well)

notice the color swatches of a failed previous idea you wouldn't know but beneath the beauty of the wallpaper lies magnolia and rusty orange (not my best thought)

let me know your thoughts other walls will be white and SKETCHBOOK TM (im not sure which company hold on let me google it yeah its crowns fashions for walls range linked here click flawless powders sketchbook appears at the bottom)

let me know what you think in the comments section if you dont like it just say be provocative